Chandigarh Viral Video Link on Social Media, Here’s Full Video Details

Chandigarh Viral Video Link of Chandigarh University widely shared on social media.

Chandigarh Viral Video

Chandigarh Viral Video Link: A video of Chandigarh University widely shared on social media alleged that a girl student made the video of 60 girls while taking bath. The video has been widely shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform. Now, Lakhs of people is searching online to watch Chandigarh University Viral Video that is going viral on the internet.

Chandigarh Viral Video on Social Media

There was outrage at Chandigarh university over an alleged video leak at a girl’s hostel in Mohali. This is a private hostel, after allegations that a video from the hostel of other girls was shared and leaked online by one of the students.

The protests are taking place yesterday evening over this incident a case is being registered by the Mohali police. The police arrested the girl who allegedly leaked this video that girl is in the custody of the Mohali police where she is being questioned. Currently, Chandigarh Video is Viral on social media.

Chandigarh Viral Video Link

As per the police report, it seems the girl only shared her own videos with her boyfriend. But, the girls in suspect that she has been sharing the video and images of other girls in the hostel. After that, Chandigarh University Video Viral on the social media platforms Like Facebook, and Twitter.

So a lot of outrage over this entire incident and can imagine a lot of anger by other girls in that hostel over the video being shared. The police are questioning this girl who’s been accused of sharing these videos. She claimed that she was just sharing videos with her boyfriend.

Chandigarh Viral Video Link

Watch Chandigarh Video went viral online

Many people are searching online to watch the video. That’s why lakhs of people are searching on the various search engines by “Chandigarh Video, Chandigarh Viral Video Link, Watch Chandigarh University Viral Video” and many keywords.

Currently, we don’t have enough information about where and how to watch the video. We suggest everyone not watch or share the video.

Chandigarh University Viral Video: News Update

No suicide attempt or death has taken place. One student who was taken in an ambulance was suffering from anxiety and our team is in contact with her. Apart from the video of one student, no other video has come to our notice: SSP Mohali Vivek Soni.

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