Ishwari Deshpande Accident Video; Shubham Dedge and Ishwari Deshpande Die in Car Accident

Ishwari Deshpande Accident Video

Ishwari Deshpande Accident Video; Shubham Dedge and Ishwari Deshpande Die in Car Accident. There is breaking news that is coming from Goa. The news is from Monday, 20 September 2021, there are two people from Pune who have died in a tragic car accident in which their car got sank in Baga creek at Hadfade in Bardez taluka In North Goa district, The accident took place at 5:30 am.

Ishwari Deshpande Accident Video

Pilerne Fire Brigade pulled Both of the bodies from the water. The people who have died are Shubham hedge and Ishwari Deshpande who were at the age of 28 and 25 respectively. The accident happened because the car hit the tree and it fell in the creek near the Park River Hotel.

After the accident took place, the girl in the vehicle called out for help to save them. It has been stated by the eyewitnesses who were at the scene. But unfortunately, no one was able to help them as it was early morning, the incident was immediately reported to the Pilerne fire brigade and the jawans rushed to the area in order to save them.

Car Accident in Goa: Ishwari Deshpande And Shubham Dedge Dies

According to our news reporter, unfortunately, the Pilerne fire brigade couldn’t save the two, the fire brigade went on to break the locks of the vehicle and they pulled out their bodies, the police then took the car out of the creek with the help of a crane. the incident has happened recently and there is not much data on the whole situation as of now.

It hasn’t been stated by the police if the incident involves drink and drive, there has been no update that has come from the family of the deceased, they must be coping up with the burden of the family members dying. There are so many questions that have not been answered by the authorities as of yet and in the coming days, there are going to be more updates and information about the story.

it is pretty sad to see two young men dying a tragic death, they had their while loves in front of them, they must be having so many dreams and aspirations in their life, it is just unfortunate that the world has lost two young souls, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased individuals.

We are going to be on our toes looking out for any kind of information about the whole scenario, as soon as we get updated about something we are going to be sharing it with you guys.

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