Jannat Gaming Link Viral on social media, Here’s Full Video Details

Jannat Gaming Link

Jannat Gaming Link Full Video: Jannat (Known as Xannat’s Gaming) is the most popular Free Fire and Pubg Player from Bangladesh. Recently her video went viral for some reason.

Almost two million people follow the gaming girl on her Facebook Page where she regularly uploads gaming videos. Most of her videos have around 1 to 4 million views. A few days ago (Maybe two days ago), Jannat Gaming Video Viral on the internet, and that is now a trending topic for her fans and followers. Now, her fans and haters searching online to watch the video.

Jannat Gaming Link: What is the girl?

Before going to get the link, everyone should know about the girl. Jannat is a girl from Muslim Family who lives with her parents in Khulna, Bangladesh. She is popularly known as “Xannat” for her gaming YouTube Channel and Facebook Page named “Xannat’s Gaming” for the online game.

Xannat, plays the battle game Garena Free Fire with her friends and sometimes with unknown persons who are “Pro” in it. Later, she uploads the gaming videos on Youtube and Facebook Page for her fans and followers. While this news, about 2,097,847 (still counting) people are following her on her Facebook Page.


Meanwhile, one video went viral name Jannat Gaming Viral Video, and lakh of people are searching for Jannat Gaming Link to watch the video online.

Free Fire Player Jannat Gaming Link of the Viral Video

As per the report, lakh of people watched the video from online video platforms. Some people confirmed that the girl seen in the video is Jannat (Xannat’s Gaming). Besides this, most of the YouTubers who mainly creates “Roasting” video along with Free Fire, Pubg, or other game claimed that Xannat Gaming Video is Viral on the internet.

There is a huge possibility that they are on the top list who share the rumors regarding Jannat Gaming Link for Viral Video. Some of them are created memes, roasting videos, and spreading rumors. But, most of her fans also claimed that this is not our “Xannat’s Gaming” Apu.

Xannat Gaming Video Link: Where to watch

The gaming girl Jannat was always happy in her most of the gaming videos. She playing Free Fire and Pubg Game full of emotion where is she laughing. But, the girl is unable to take the mental pressure regarding her so-called viral video. She said that almost a thousand people inbox me to know about the video.

To clarify the matter, Jannat comes Live on her Facebook Page “Xannat’s Gaming” and said that this is a fake video. Maybe some of the haters edit the video with my picture and spread the rumors. We have found out the video that name of mine is completely fake. The video girl’s name is Nishat and people can watch the video by searching “Sylhet Nishat Video” on Google.

Please try to understand me, I am not the girl. I am 100% pure because I don’t have anything like the video widely shared on the internet, added Jannat.

Earlier, Jannat became a famous girl from the Free Fire Community of Bangladesh for helping the people who are affected by the floods in Sylhet. She gave food to 400 people during the floods, as she mentioned in her latest video pinned on her Facebook Page.

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