Kacha Badam Viral Video Song in Bangladesh, Video has 5 million views

Kacha Badam

Currently, the Kacha Badam song is a viral song in Bangladesh. The popularity of this video cross Bangladesh and now it is also viral in India. Facebook, YouTube, TikTok are now full of this video.

Recently, a video viral in Bangladesh. Lakhs of people posted Kacha Badam Meme, Lyrics on Facebook, Twitter. Besides this, Youtubers and TikTokers created a lot of videos. as a result, this is viral in Bangladesh. Meme creators also create memes with the photo of the singer.

Kacha Badam Video Song: Why it is viral in Bangladesh

No one can say anything that which thing or topic will be viral. It is also impossible to assume that when and how a topic will be viral. There was no viral topic before launched social media platform. Nowadays, anything will be viral through this.

There are huge things that can be viral on social media. Every week or month there is a chance to get a new viral topic across social media. TikTok is also added a few years ago to make things viral. However, let’s talk about Kacha Badam Video which is gone viral for the last 2 or 3 days.

Kacha Badam Viral on TikTok

A few months ago, a street hawker sing a song while selling Kacha Badam (Nut). At this time, one of the buyers creates a video while he singing the song “Badam Badam Dada Kacha Badam”. After that, the creator uploaded this video on Facebook.

Kacha Badam Lyrics

But, before two or three days there is no huge response to this song. It is unknown that, why this song is now viral in Bangladesh where it was created a few months ago.

Now, this song has been viral on Facebook, TikTok for the last 3 days. Lakhs of people now posted the video on Facebook. YouTubers and Remix Song Creators made this song in remix version and upload it on YouTube.

Kacha Badam Lyrics

There are lakhs of people who love this song just because of the Amazing voice of the Badam Seller. Now, a huge number of people searching online to get Kacha Badam Lyrics. If you are also one of them, then here are the original lyrics.

হাতের বালা, পায়ের চুরি, সিটি গোল্ডের চেন

দিয়ে যাবেন। আজি সমান সমান বাদাম পাবেন

বাদাম বাদাম দাদা বাদাম বাদাম,
বাদাম আমার কাছে নাই গো বুবু ভাজা বাদাম।
আমার কাছে নাই গো বুবু ভাজা বাদাম।
আছে কাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচাচা বাদাম

Credit: Badam Seller

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