Local Safi Video Viral on Facebook (Tania), Here’s Link & Details

Local Safi Video Viral on Facebook of Tania, from Mirzapur Women's College.

Local Safi Video Viral

Local Safi Video Viral, Mirzapur, Tangail: Another news went viral in Bangladesh named Local Safi Viral Video which is firstly shared on Facebook. Later, the video circulated on various social media and video platforms. As per the report, A student from Mirzapur Women’s College named Tania is now a trending topic across the country. It is confirmed that the video was spread by a Facebook account named Local Safi.

Local Safi Video Viral: Know what is this

When a video viral on Social Media, it becomes a trending topic across the country. Sometimes, it can be mostly a discussion topic in various countries. But, the video with some good messages will help our society. On the other hand, other categories of videos can be viral on social media.

15 days ago, a video was shared on Facebook by a profile named Local Safi. After that, the video was circulated across the country. Till now, almost lakh of people have watched this video and shared by thousand of times. Netizens are now calling it Local Safi Video as it was spread by the Facebook Account.

Local Safi Viral Video Link

Local Safi Video Spread on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media in Bangladesh. Anything can be viral in the country through this platform. Many peoples are spreading rumors without verifying the truth. Recently, a video has shared through a Facebook account named “Local Safi”. Later, the video went viral over the country.

As per the news report, Tania was a student of HSC 1st Year of Mirzapur Women’s College. She had a relationship with Sujon Mia. Sujon son of Abdur Rashid who lived in Bhatgram Union. Tania’s family claimed that Sujon Mia makes the relationship with Tania destroy her life. later, Sujon secretly recorded a video which is now circulated online.

Local Safi Viral Video Link

A lot of people from Bangladesh want to watch the video. Because the video now trending on Facebook and many people are already watched it. Interested people are searching on Facebook and Search Engines for Local Safi Viral Video Link to watch the full video.

Note that, a suicide note has been found in Tania’s room. So we request you not to share the video anymore.

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