Sandhi Puja 2022: Know Date, Time, Puja Tithi and Details

Sandhi Puja 2022: The annual festival Durga Puja of the Hindu Religious believers across the world started today, October 1, 2022, from the Sasthi Puja. During the five days festival, Sandhi Puja is the most important part for everyone.

When is Sandhi Puja 2022?

This year, the Durga Puja festival falls on October 1, from the Sasthi Puja. Sandhi Puja 2022 will take place on October 3, 2022, as the tithi falls at the last 24 minutes of Ashtami and the first 24 Minutes of Maha Navami.

The Ashtami Tithi will begin on October 02, 2022, at 07:17 PM. The tithi will end on October 03, 2022, at 05:07 PM as per the Panjika. So, Sandhi Puja will start at 04:43 PM in Bangladesh which is 04:13 PM in India. After 48 minutes, puja will end at 05:31 PM on October 3, 2022.

How Sandhi Puja is Celebrated?

Durga Puja will start and end any time during the tithi. But, Sandhi Puja is celebrated at the right time according to the Panjika. The Puja is performed at the exact time, the last 24 minutes of Ashtami and the first 24 Minutes of Maha Navami.

As per Hindu Religious Believes, Devi Chamunda appeared during this time to kill demons, Chanda and Munda. On Sandhi Puja, 108 laps are lit and 108 lotus flowers are offered. Each devotes are lights to the lamps one by one during the tithi and prays for good health and wealth to Goddess Maa Durga.

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