Tunguru Bhola Viral Video: Auto Driver’s Love Story Viral, Full Video Can Explain the matter

Tunguru Bhola Viral Video

Tunguru Bhola Viral Video: A young auto-rickshaw driver from Odisha, India becomes the trending person on YouTube and later his video has widely shared on Twitter.

Tunguru Bhola and Barsha’s Love Story become a viral topic in India. One of their videos went viral online where they open up about their love story in the TV Interview. One journalist asked Tunguru that “love is sweet or sour?”. And, he replies “Love is Sweet” but can be sour. Many of people from Bhubaneswar Odisha looking for Tunguru Bhola and Barsha Viral Video.

Tunguru Bhola Viral Video: Who is Tunguru

Tunguru is an auto-rickshaw driver from Bhubaneswar Odisha. He is also known as Tunguru Bhola, Alok Bhola who drives an auto to earn money for his family. Recently, he becomes the trending person in Bhubaneswar Odisha for his rumored love affair. He comes up in the trending search after an interview on a TV Channel. Later, a lot of people are excited to watch Tunguru Bhola Video that went viral.

Tunguru Bhola Viral Video Link

Tunguru Bhola Viral Video: What is the reason for viral

There will be a strong reason for every content that becomes viral on the Internet. For this reason, the content is widely shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Now, Tunguru Bhola’s video is one such video where netizens found something that’s why it becomes viral.

Tunguru Bhola recently opens up about his rumored affair. He gives an interview to OTV (OdishaTV) News and said A to Z about their love story. Then, the interview becomes viral on the Internet and a lot of Indian people are searching online to watch Tunguru Bhola Viral Video.

Many news channels also cover news of their love story. YouTubers make roasting videos and shared them through their channel. As per a recent report, some of the YouTubers also make video songs about their love story.

Odisha’s Tunguru Bhola Viral Video Link

Tungur mentioned that he drives an auto to earn money for his life. One day he meets a woman named “Barsha” near aims hospital Bhubaneswar. Tunguru regularly picks Barsha up in aims hospital and drops her at her house.

After almost 5 to 10 days, they make a friendship. Later, Tunguru gifts her a rose. Then, Barsha asked him “Do You Love Me Tunguru?”. And he said, do you? Then, Barsha said yes. Their love story continues for 2 years.

But, a few weeks ago, Barsha said Tunguru marry her. But, he replied, “I can’t do this” because of the age gap. My age is 24 and you 29, said Tunguru.

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After this, Barsha goes to the police station to complain in this regard. She also called some media news and said about their love story. He gifts me roses regularly, Barsha said in front of the media. Almost all the news channels in Odisha cover the news and later the case becomes viral on social media.

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