Two Snakes Playing with each other on a field in Dinajpur, Video Goes Viral

Two Snakes Playing with each other on a field in Dinajpur

Dinajpur, Bangladesh: When I am going to our village market, I have seen that too many peoples are gathered beside the village road. I also enter there to know what is happing there. Oh My God! Two Snakes Playing with each other on a field! This is the first time I have seen two snakes playing with each other.

Md Rashidul Islam, said this to Ogro News on July 25, 2022. The incident has taken place on a field in Dinajpur yesterday (July 24, 2022). Almost 20 to 25 people are also watching the two snakes playing there.

Most of them are taking that, this is a fight between two snakes. One is also said that this is called “Snake Intercourse” that they want to do today. But, they are unable to do this, because a lot of people are watching them and most probably they are afraid of too many people.

Here is the video.

What happened actually?

Snakes meet with their partners during a certain period. This time they do Intercourse to grow their family. Generally, most people are seen that they are dancing or playing with each other. After that, from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, and 10 people are gathered on the spot to watch this.

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