Windows 11 ISO File Download: Official Link for 32 Bit/64Bit

Windows 11 ISO File Download for 32 Bit/64Bit: The Next Generations Operating System. This is the trending thing for Computer users from last week. Before 24 June 2021, Windows users trying to know about Windows 11 Release Date. Because it has been rumored that, Microsoft going to release a new version of windows and it also leaked!

Windows 11 ISO File Download Link

For this reason, Microsoft Authority announce a Live Event on 24 June 2021 about the Next Generation Windows. After that, they officially released it and now Windows user looking for upgrade their PC to 11. If you also searching for How to Upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Windows 11 ISO File Download for 32 Bit/64, so here you will get the full guide with a lot of frequently asked question and answer that will help everyone to learn A to Z about the Next Generation Windows.

Windows 11 Update News

In 2015, Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft Authority and they also announced that, they will not launch another version of Windows. But, as we know that, technology going to upgrade day by day and other operating system (Linux, Mac, etc) able to create huge user of their operating system.

As a result, we can guess that, Microsoft decided to launch a new version for their user. That’s why they already release Windows 11 on 24 June 2021. After that, the huge number of Windows user searching in the internet to know the exact information about this.

Beside this, they also looking for Windows 11 ISO File Download for their PC. But before that, we think every user need to know a few things that we have included through this article.

Features of Windows 11

People also searching on Google, Yahoo, and also Microsoft Community to know the features of the new version of windows. We know that, this is one of the most important fact before upgrading Windows 11 from the current version. You will learn the most important features from below that will help you to understand the features.

  • New Start Menu available on the New Version. Task Bar, and Search Bar also available with new design.
  • There added new animations while moving and dragging anything from the Windows. User will be happy to know that, there are different animation while opening a new window, closing that, and minimize.
  • Featured added to create new groups when user will trying to manage various task window.
  • Touch Controls are fixed which were in Windows 10 Operating System.
  • A lot of new sounds added on the new version. Before that, there were no changes in the previous version after releasing it in 2015.
  • Dark mode is the best features that will fall in love with the Win 11.

So, this is the little bit features of the most trending Windows 11. You will get more features after installing it. Now, if you want to install or upgrade it to 11, so you may read the following information.

How To Download Windows 11 for PC

Before the official announcement, the fans of Windows want to know the downloading system. They heard, many of user already using it on their PC. That’s why the curious people looking to download it. If you also one of them, so we have the official guide for you.

Anyone can get it and install it on their PC by following a few steps. We have already discuss about a few method that will help anyone to install it on their pc.

If you follow the following methods, so you will succeed to do it without having problem.

Windows 11 ISO File Download Link For 32Bit/64Bit

Now, all of the user who already know about ISO File or ISO Image File. So they are searching in the internet for Windows 11 ISO File Download for their PC or Laptop. Let’s us notify that, every user can download the ISO File and install it on their pc similarly other version of Windows.

As you guys know that, Windows ISO File allow to install Windows on our PC. Its allow to install Windows System within 30 to 45 minutes. Where it will take 60 to 90 minutes while installing it using DVD. However, Microsoft will provide the Windows 11 ISO File Download Link Free for their users.

If anyone interested for Windows 11 ISO File Download, so they need to follow the instruction from below.

  • First of all, interested users need to visit the official website of Microsoft. The official website link is
  • Visit the website by clicking the above link. Now, type “Windows 11 ISO File” in the search option from the official website.
  • After that, user will get the original iso file download link.

Well, this is the most popular and easiest method to download Win 11 ISO File for 32Bit/64Bit PC. If anyone follow the above method, so they can easily able to download it to install it on their pc. Moreover, we also added a few information regarding this matter.

Windows 11 Price: Free or Paid

Is Windows 11 Free for User or Paid? In the present time, this is the top 1 question after launched. Many of them also asked us through our official Facebook Page about the price.

As per the reports, user is eligible to upgrade their PC directly from the previous windows version without any charge. Microsoft will able to bring more users by providing the Windows New Version for Free.


When the rumors notify us about the new windows, this time most of the user searching in the internet to know the exact information. They also asked a lot of question in the various platform like Quora, Reddit, Facebook and others. For this reason, we also added the questions and answer below for everyone. It will clarify all the known and unknown facts regarding the Windows 11 ISO File Download.

Question 01: What is the official release date of Windows 11?

Ans: According to the Microsoft announcement, they officially launched Windows 11 on 24 June 2021 via the Live Event.

Question 02: May I upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10?

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade to the new windows from your current operating system as well as Windows 7.

Question 03: Is it free for everyone?

Ans: If your PC Runs with Windows 10, so you will able to upgrade your PC to 11 without the new install.

Question 04: Where is the official Windows 11 ISO File Download?

Ans: If any user want to install the new version of Windows, so they will do this by downloading Windows 11 ISO File that is available on Microsoft Official Website.

Question 05: When will Windows 11 Release in India?

Ans: According to the official live event, Microsoft declared that, the New Generation Windows will be released for the world at the same time.

Question 06: I am from Bangladesh, so when Windows 11 will available in Bangladesh? and what will be the charge?

Ans: Microsoft launched Windows 11 worldwide on 24 June 2021. So, it is also available for Bangladeshi People. But we don’t have enough information about the price.

Question 07: Windows 11 ISO File Download is safe for user? May I download it now?

Ans: All the software from Microsoft official, are safe for your system. So there is no need to worry about it.

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