Tamilnadu govt launches counseling service for Ukraine returnees

Tamilnadu govt launches counseling service for Ukraine returnees

Chennai: In the next couple of days, counselors from the Tamilnadu Health department will call more than 1,456 students, including medicos, who have returned from Ukraine leaving their courses midway.
Besides offering them emotional mental support, the counselors will ask the students what help they expect from the government.

State Health Minister Ma Subramanian, who launched the counseling service through the State’s toll-free helpline 104, said seven WhatsApp groups were formed and the students were counseled based on the concerns they raised.

‘Whatever humanitarian support they need, we will give through counseling. The counselors will be working round-the-clock. This is a continuous process,’ the Minister said.

‘Around 40 counselors will be calling students and their parents to offer them emotional support, hear their grievances and expectations and assure them the government will be doing their best for them,’ Subramanian said.

Students can also call state helplines including 104 if they want counseling services, he said.

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