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Maa Lokkhi Photo 2023: Wishes, Images, Greetings on Laxmi Puja

As per the Bengali Panjika, Lokkhi Puja will observe on October 9, 2023. For this, Maa Lokkhi Photo 2023 is the best way to Wish family or friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the meantime, the maximum number of people around the world must like Wishes, Images, and Greetings on Laxmi Puja.

Lokkhi Puja 2023 Date

Lokkhi Puja, popularly known as Laxmi, or Lakshmi Puja in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Every year the festival falls on the 7th day after the Durga Puja. This year, the puja will take place on October 9, 2023. The Purnima Tithi will begin at 04:11 AM on the day and it will end on October 10, 2023, at 02:54 AM.

Maa Lokkhi Photo 2023 to Wish Friends and Family

We know that Lakshmi Puja is performed every week on Thursday in Hindu Families. But, there is a special day once a year which is called Kojagori Lakshmi Puja. On the day, women keep fasting to worship Ma Lokkhi. People send wishes during the Puja with their family and friends. Maa Lokkhi Photo will be the best for those people.

Maa Lokkhi
Joy Ma Lokkhi Image

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