Tania Video Viral on Facebook by Boyfriend, Girl Committed suicide

Mirzapur Women College Student Tania committed suicide over Tania Video Viral on Facebook.

Tania Video Viral

Tania Viral Video Tangail Mirzapur Women College: In Mirzapur, Tangail, a student from Mirzapur Women College named Tania committed suicide after her video viral on Facebook. Her hanging body was found in her room along with a suicide note. The incident took place on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, in the afternoon in Singjuri village of the Bhatgram union. Currently, Facebook is now full of “Tania Viral Video” news.

Tania Video Viral on Facebook

Tania daughter of Harun Mia from the Singjuri village. She was a student of the Humanities Department of Mirzapur Women’s College student. Tania committed suicide after her video went viral on Facebook which is shared by her Boyfriend Sujon Mia.

As per the report of Tania’s family sources, Sujon Mia (24) son of Abdur Rashid from Burihati Village of the same union makes a love trape for Tania. Sujon had a phy**s**ic**al relationship with her and secretly records the video. Later, Sujon starts blackmailing the students and takes a lot of money several times by threatening to spread the video on Facebook.

Apart from this, Sujon also used to intimidate and harass the girl in many ways including physical torture while she go to college and back from there.

Tania Viral Video shared by Local Safi Facebook Profile

As Sujon did phy**sical relations with Mirzapur Women College student Tania and secretly recorded the video, he continuously blackmailed her. Sujon also said to the girl that, he will Viral Tania Video on Social Media.

Two weeks ago, Tania’s Video was shared by a Facebook ID named “Local Safi”. After Tania Video Viral on Facebook, the girl student broke down mentally. At one stage, Tania committed suicide by hanging herself in her room on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. The incident took place in the afternoon at Singjuri village of the Bhatgram union.

A suicide Note found in her Room

Tania wrote a suicide note before attempting suicide which is found in her room. As per the note, All of you please forgive me, you have lost a lot of respect for me. I do not want to lose any more dignity. You don’t know what he did with me. He raped me and took pictures. Later, he took one and a half lakh worth of things from me for the pictures.

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