Anupama 18 March 2022 Episode: Anu And Anuj Celebrate Their First Holi

Anupama 18 March 2022 Episode

Anupama 18 March 2022 Episode: Anu And Anuj Celebrate Their First Holi. Today’s episode begins and shows Baa and Bapuji celebrating the Holi festival with Dolly, Samar, Anu, Anuj, and others.

There are lakhs of fans who are eagerly waiting to watch Anupama 18th March 2022 Full Episode. However, we are going to share the written update of today’s episode.

In the episode, we can see that Baa and Bapuji celebrating the Holi festival with Dolly, Samar, and others. Then, Bapuji asks Samar about Anu, and Samar says to she is waiting for Anuj. In addition, Anu thinks that Vanraj will not let her go easily. As a result, she thinks to go out from the back of the house using a ladder.

Anupama 18 March 2022 Episode

As Anu manages to reach the garden where everyone is waiting for her. Then she hides behind the curtains and waits for Anuj. After a while, Anuj and Anu spot each other in the crowd. That time, they apply color while wishing Happy Holi to each other.

After that, Anu and Anuj meet the Shah Family and also wish them Happy Holi. They both throw on colors on Vanraj to wish the festival, and he leaves him annoyed. Then, Vanraj goes to his room to remove colors from his face, while he expresses his anger.

Anupama 18th March 2022 Full Episode Written Update

Vanraj thinks that is why Anu and Anuj always win against him. He wonders why Anu and Anuj win against him every time. In the meantime, Rakhi Dave arrives while the Shah family celebrates Holi together. This leaves Mamaji elated and he runs towards her to extend Holi’s wishes. At that time, Baa gets annoyed that, sees Rakhi because she was not invited.

Anupama 18 March 2022 Episode Update: The Shahs celebrate Holi with a dance

Then, Baa asks Anu as to who applied color on her, to which she blushes. Then, Bapuji says that Kanhaji only can apply colors to his Radha before anyone else.

After that, everyone gathers together to dance. Meanwhile, Vanraj looks at them from the house. Then, Kavya arrives and asks who put colors on him? Then he expresses his anger for Anu and Anuj. Kavya then asks him to stop being obsessed with them.

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