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DNCC Digital Haat: DNCC Announces Digital Cow Haat 2021 For Eid Al Adha

DNCC Digital Haat: Authority opens DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021 for Eid Al Adha instead of setting up a temporary Cow Market. This is a great initiative by Dhaka North City Corporation that is very helpful against increasing Covid-19 infection. Before the Pandemic, the temporary Cow Market setting up playgrounds, streets, and also other open spaces. But unfortunately, this year it is impossible and too risky for the current situation of Coronavirus. If you also searching for DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021 or DNCC Digital Haat Link, Official Website, then you are reached in the perfect place.

DNCC Digital Haat

DNCC means Dhaka North City Corporation, is the most popular place in Bangladesh after announcing the Digital Haat. This is the second time that DNCC has inaugurated a digital cattle market. Last year they also did the same thing due to the Pandemic. Yesterday Mayor Atiqul Islam announces the Digital Market “DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021” via zoom.

DNCC Digital Haat, DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021

In addition, the Mayor said that last year we succeed to sold 27,000 cows through the digital cattle market. We have a large plan this year said the DNCC mayor Md Atiqul Islam.

DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021: Full Info

As you guys know that, the online cattle market has been inaugurated by DNCC. This year, the City corporation plans to sell more than 1,00000 (one lakh) cows through the online platform. The authority said that there is no need to pay the extra fee while purchasing sacrificial animals.

In addition, they also mentioned that not only the residents of Dhaka North City Corporation but anyone can able to purchase cows, goats from the market wherever they are. As the chief guest LGRD minister Md Tazul Islam inaugurated the cattle market. And he also said this year everyone should be involved in purchasing their cattle online.

Now, if anyone wants to purchase cows from the Digital Haat, so they need to know the exact process. We have also shared the best way to do this.

Methods for Purchase Cattle from DNCC Cattle Market

The DNCC digital Cow Haat 2021 is being implemented by DNCC in association with the E-commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), Bangladesh Dairy Farm Association, Business Promotion Council, A2i, and Ekshop by Maintaining the guidelines of the Ministry of Commerce.

DNCC Digital Haat initiative has been taken to allow the buyers to purchase cows, goats, and other sacrificial animals within a few clicks. To do this, buyers need to follow the instruction below.

How To Use DNCC Digital Haat Link

  • First of all, visit the official website of DNCC Digital Cattle Market. The official link is digitalhaat.net. Just click on the web address and you will automatically redirect to a new webpage as similar as the following picture
  • After that, you need to choose Cow or Goat or other sacrificial animals.
  • Read the full description about the selected animal.
  • Finally, contact to the seller and pay the money via the official website.

If you follow the above instruction, so it will help you to purchase without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions regarding DNCC Digital Cow Haat 2021 and most of the people looking for the answer. We found a lot of questions and we agree with them. That’s why we are going to include the most important question and trying to provide the answer.

When will open DNCC Digital Haat?

Ans: According to the news reports, the DNCC mayor has inaugurated a digital cattle market yesterday 04 July 2021.

What is the official DNCC Digital Haat Website?

Ans: More than 75% of people heard about the Digital Market. But a huge number of people do not know the official website name. DNCC Digital Haat Link is digitalhaat.net.

Where people can buy cattle online?

Ans: According to the announcement of the DNCC mayor, interested people can buy cattle through the official website digitalhaat.net.

How many cattle will be sold through the Digital Haat?

Ans: Last year DNCC succeed to sell 27,000 cows through the online market. In 2021, they plan to sell 1,00000 cows through the platform.

What is the benefit to buy Cows online for Eid Ul Adha?

Ans: Bangladesh has announced a very strict lockdown due to the Covid-19. As a result, all the people will face many problems buying cows for Eid Ul Adha. That’s why DNCC opens the Online Cow Market to avoid increasing infection.

May I pay the money through Bkash?

Ans: Yes, DNCC implements the mobile banking service to pay the money.

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