Honours Admission 2022 Candidates Demand: National University have to maintain previous points

Demand of Honours Admission Candidates

The Honours Admission Candidates demanded that the new points set in the SSC and HSC result criteria for admission in the first year of Honors in the National University be revoked and the previous points be maintained.

On May 21, 2022 (Saturday) The students made the demand at a human chain held in front of the National Press Club. Students aspiring for admission to various colleges under the National University took part in the human chain.

Arman Ahmed Shaon, a student seeking admission to Dhania College, told Ogro News, “We want to retain the previous points.” Our trust is National University, after trying to get admission to all the universities. At least there should be an opportunity for admission.

Shimul Hossain, who wants to be admitted to Kushtia Government College under National University, said, “For those of us who did not get a chance in the first tier university, it was imposed on us.” We do not have the capacity to get admission to a private university. So that, we want to maintain the previous point.

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