HSC Admission 2022: 4th Phase Application going to start on Feb 26

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HSC Admission 2022: Education Board authority declared to start the 4th phase application where the 3rd Merit List Result was published on February 15, 2022. It was the 3rd phase application that was the final phase.

In the 2021-22 academic year of HSC Admission, the opportunity has been given to apply for the 4th phase. The online application process for the 4th phase will start from February 26 and will continue till February 27. In the meantime, if you or your friends won’t able to complete the admission on the 3rd phase, you can apply there.

HSC Admission 2022: 4th Phase Application

As we might know, the application process for HSC Admission was ended on February 13 when it was the 3rd Phase Application. But, there are a lot of students who aren’t succeeding to complete the application process, some of them did not get college by choice, they will get a chance to apply.

The office order was signed on February 23, (Wednesday) by Prof. Tapan Kumar Sarkar, chairman of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee.

According to the office order, it has been decided to accept the 4th phase (last) application for HSC Admission 2021-2022 after reviewing the application of students, parents, and principals of different colleges.

The online application procedure is given on the official websites of the Education Board. Interested and eligible students have to apply for at least 10 colleges by considering the number of seats available in the college.

Who are eligible for 4th Phase Application of HSC Admission?

  • The students who have not applied before or did not get the college of by choice.
  • Those students who received are selected on the 3rd merit but they could not confirm the registration fee or won’t able to complete the admission process for some reason in the college by February 24.
  • Students who have passed the SSC and equivalent Exam in 2021 from Open University 2021, can apply in the fourth step.
HSC Admission 2022 4th Phase Application

4th Phase HSC Admission 2022 Date and Time

The online application process for the 4th phase will start from February 26 and will continue till February 27. The applications will be verified and selected on February 28, 2022. The application result of this phase will be published on March 1, 2022.

The students will have the opportunity to confirm the selection and get admission to the college from March 2nd to March 3rd, 2022.

Point to be noted that, this year, following the admission policy in HSC College Admission, no one can go to the college to get admitted manually without the online application.

According to the relevant sources, even after passing the SSC Exam, almost 50 thousand students are not getting the opportunity to get admission to the college of their choice. Among them, there are 1 thousand and 300 students who got GPA-5 in SSC Exam-2021.

About 15 lakh 6 thousand 763 students applied for HSC College Admission across the country. Of these, 14 lakh 63 thousand 438 students were selected for Xi Class Admission of their choice till the 3rd Phase Application.

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