HSC Exam 2022 Live News: Exam Date, Mark Distribution Declared by Education Board

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HSC Exam 2022 Live News Update: It has been decided to conduct the HSC Exam on August 22, 2022. This year (2022) there will be no exam of three subjects in SSC and two subjects in the HSC Exam.

Finally, it has been decided that HSC Exam 2022 will take place on August 22, 2022. The exam will be held for 45 marks in the Science Group and 55 marks in Commerce and Humanities Group. The duration of each exam is fixed at 2 hours. On February 28, 2022 (Monday) evening, this decision was declared by the Inter-Education Coordination Board.

HSC Exam 2022: Exam System for 2022

According to the official notice, there will be no selection or test exam before SSC and HSC Examinations this year. But, if any educational institution wants to take the selection exam, they can do that.

The Inter-Education Coordinating Board decided that ICT, Religious Education, and Bangladesh and World Identity exam in SSC and ICT and Bangladesh and World Identity in HSC will not be taken this year. Let’s have a look at the mark distribution system.

  • Subject with Practical Exam: 30 Marks for Creative Question + 15 Marks for MCQ
  • Subject without Practical Exam: 40 Marks for Creative Question + 15 Marks for MCQ
  • Bengali 2nd Paper: 50 Marks
  • English 1st Paper: 50 Marks
  • English 2nd Paper: 50 Marks

Mark Distribution

In 2022, there will be a total of 45 marks in each subject in the science group. There will be 8 creative questions and the examinee have to be answered only 3 questions. Besides this, students have to answer 15 MCQ questions.

In addition, it is also decided that the exam will be taken on 55 marks for Humanities and Commerce Group. The examinee needs to answer only 4 questions out of 11 creative questions. Moreover, there will be MCQ Exam for 15 marks. In the beginning, the examinee needs to answer the MCQ question, then they need to write the answer to the creative question. The exam time has been fixed at two hours for the MCQ and Creative Questions.

HSC Exam 2022 News Update

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