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Kaamna 17th March 2022 Full Episode: Written Update, How to watch

Kaamna 17th March 2022 Full Episode: Akanksha reveals she is leaving, Vibhav doesn’t respond after standing, she walks to the door thinking he might stop her but when she turns he is just standing there drinking, she rushes to hug him apologizing to him mentioning that she cannot live without him and knows even he cannot live without her.

She asks if he is going to end their relationship because of her one mistake, she turns him accepting that her mistake is really big but she requests him to not throw her out of his life, Akanksha goes to sit on the sofa when he kneels in front of her, picking her hand he places the ring after which they both hug each other, she thanks that same trick worked on Vibhav.

Kaamna 17th March 2022 Full Episode

Yatharth sleeping with Manav starts dreaming of the time when Akanksha forcefully put him in the car, he starts requesting her to not force him, Manav consoles Yatharth, he wonders why is there a need to be a woman if one can be called as a mother, he apologizes to Yatharth since he married a wrong woman who was not able to become a good mother or wife, he apologizes to his son.

Sakshi’s mother-in-law questions she how did the working women’s hostel gave her a room since she only cares for a single child, and for him, she has risked her job and life, Sakshi recalls how she revealed that she left the interview after finding out about Yatharth.

Kaamna 17th March 2022 Written Update

Sakshi explains she knows her anger but after what happened last night Yatharth has developed the problem of bedwetting so how can she leave him like this, Sakshi’s mother in law replies she is never asking her but she should drop her, Sakshi can come whenever she desires since she cannot see her like that ever again.

Sakshi questions what does she mean when her mother-in-law replies she cannot see her break one again, since Yatharth has become Parth for her and she will have to leave him one day, and on that day she would not be able to either watch her or the child.

In the morning Akanksha kisses the forehead of Vibhav so he wakes up, she excitingly explains that she has prepared the entire breakfast for him which includes the garlic bread, juice, and his favorite salad, she insists that he taste the garlic bread but he puts it back on the plate, he asks what does she think, that everything was fine just because he hugged her last night.

He explains he desires to make her the CEO of Kapoor industries but she is only stuck in her mother India zone and she thinks that what the people say is the truth but in reality it is all just nonsense, he starts scolding her saying she doesn’t have any clue of the impact her actions will have on their life, he leaves saying she can eat this garlic bread herself.

Manav is playing with the bat and ball when he bumps into Sakshi, he immediately apologizes for his actions revealing that he was going to play with Yatho, she informs him they are going to shift to a hostel today, Manav apologizes if she felt bad because of what he said yesterday since he was not in his right state of mind.

However, Sakshi replies that her mother in law does not want to stay here, Manav accepts their decision assuring he will make any excuse to Yatho but she replies that she informed him she will not leave without telling Yatharth since it will not be right for him if someone leaves him in the sleep once again, Manav recalls the night when Akanksha left him during his sleep, she turns to go and talk with him.

Sakshi sees that he is changing his clothes, she secretly calls Manav informing him how he feels Yatharth has once again wet his bed, they both see how he is quickly changing the bed sheet when Sakshi decides to go inside for the first time, she starts helping him when he hesitantly informs that Manav asked him to change the bedsheet.

But Sakshi asks him to not lie as everyone has done it in their childhood, he can even ask his father but there is nothing to be ashamed of, Yatharth informs that he saw a nightmare, Sakshi tries to inquire but he does not respond, she therefore asks him to write it down on a paper with the magic pen which no one would be able to see, she hugs him assuring everything would be fine, Manav requests her mother in law to come as he needs to talk with her.

Vibhav while walking with Ranay explains the delegation should not go back under any circumstance since the contract is really important for their company, Akanksha walks to them dressed up for attending the office, she mentions he can be happy since she is going to fulfill his wish, Vibhav replies he never desired that she work but only that she rule since she must know the real power.

She should be the most powerful lady in the corporate world, he wanted to make her success the revenge, but he thinks he made a mistake by seeing that dream as she cannot fulfill it, Akanksha says that she had for right years made him walk on her fingers and she knows how to make people work for her, he will see how this middle-class woman becomes the most powerful CEO of the corporate world.

Akanksha is sitting in the chair when Vibhav exclaims that one has to work a lot to attain this chair, he gets a call hearing which he is shocked and mentions he will not let his project be ruined, she questions what happened, Vibhav explains that the international delegation withdrew from their project.

Vibhav reveals that he had only asked her to attend the meeting but she instead was busy in kidnaping her son, she apologizes for her mistake when Vibhav exclaims that it ruined the dream project, which he cannot bear, he leaves asking Ranay to book his tickets for LA.

Manav is with Sakshi’s mother in law and explains that he knows she might not want to live with him, but the bond between Sakshi and Yatharth is really strong, he desires they stay a little longer but he needs her permission, she replies he helped them when they did not have any place to live, she only made the decision because she was worried the closeness between Sakshi and Yatho might cause problems in the future, she agrees to stay.

Manav enters the room with her while Sakshi is hugging Yatharth, she asks him to come since she has prepared almond milk for him and even carrot pudding. Manav requests Sakshi to also stay since he has convinced her mother-in-law, he receives a call from Khsuhal jee, Manav says he would be able to come tomorrow morning, he requests Sakshi to take care of his son.

Vibhav while walking with Ranay asks about his mobile, Akanksha hands it to him, he mentions this is the chance to show the world that love can change a person, and Vibhav Kapoor has given her a new identity, that she is the queen of the corporate world and not just his heart, he knows it would be a little difficult but he has complete confidence in her, Vibhav exclaims this would be his way to take revenge from Manav as he will get burnt from jealousy after seeing her success.

She must know that he loves her and also trusts her, Vibhav walks out to the car, revealing he doesn’t trust her with a single penny, he knows she was hired just to sign as she cannot run the company so he wants Ranay to keep his eyes open, Ranay assures he is going to give his life but not cause any loss to the company, Vibhav mentions he can let her act as the CEO but if she actuyally7 starts taking over the position then he knows what to do, Vibhav leaves.

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