Photoshoot in Sleeveless Blouse in DU, teacher accused of harassing college girl

Photoshoot in Sleeveless Blouse in DU

Two college students from Residential Model College and Dhaka City College have complained that they were harassed by the Dhaka University teacher while taking pictures in Curzon Hall of University. The incident took place in the DU Curzon Hall area on July 26, 2022.

One of the accused students from Inter 1st Year of Dhaka Residential Model College and the other student from Inter 1st Year of Dhaka City College.

Professor AKM Mahbub Hasan, Dean of the Faculty of Biology, said in this regard that, anyone can express his opinion, and there can be discussion and criticism. But those students should have known how to behave with a teacher. The Professor also said that he is not ready to talk about the matter instantly.

What is the complaint?

The student of Residential Model College complained that recently one day at 12 noon they reached Curzon Hall of the Dhaka University to take pictures. At that time, there was a model with me who studying in the Inter 1st Year of Dhaka City College. Basically, we are went there to take her picture.

The student said that while taking pictures, the Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Professor Dr. AKM Mahbub Hasan appear there. He asked us to know if we are students of Dhaka University or not?

When the Professor came to know that we were not university students, he called us to his office. Later, a female teacher with the rank of associate professor harassed us. After that, our parents were also called and questioned there.

The student (male) said that the model girl was wearing a sleeveless blouse with a saree. We think we are harassed because of sleeveless dresses.

The student said that the incident took place in the office of Professor DR. AKM Mahbub Hasan, Dean of the Faculty of Biology of Dhaka University. In the dean’s room, an assistant professor of the same faculty harassed them by complaining that the girl from City College was taking pictures wearing obscene clothes.

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Referring to his acquaintance with the student, the student said that, since I do photography. So that the student of City College hired me to take pictures. He said, what happened to us was not at all desirable. The student also said that I have been going through terrible trauma ever since that day. I want justice for this incident. We have decided to take legal action. At that time, he also informed us about filing a case under the Women and Children Suppression Act.

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