Former Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukdar Passes away at 80

Mahbub Talukdar the Former Election Commissioner is no more. He Passes away at 80 while undergoing treatment at United Hospital, Dhaka.

Former Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukdar Passes away at 80

The Former Election Commissioner and Writer Mahbub Talukdar passes away today, at 01:00 PM (Wednesday). He died at the age of 80 while undergoing treatment at United Hospital, Dhaka.

Mahbub Talukder’s elder daughter Ireine Mahbub confirmed this to Ogro News.

Ireine Mahbub said Mahbub Talukder fell ill around 12 noon on Wednesday (August 24, 2022). He was taken to United Hospital in the capital. The doctors there said that Mahbub Talukder suffered a massive heart attack. He died around at 1 PM.

Mahbub Talukder has written many books including experiences of his working life, and the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Besides, a former government official and election commissioner, he was also known as the most popular Bengali writer.

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  1. after seeing his picture and name I remember him. In 1981 he was deputy secretary of the Education Minister. He was the only man, who wasn’t arrogant or not accessible. I and My friend is now settled in Australia(even though he never thought that we will end up in the west). He was a writer I knew at that time and his behavior said it right way in his behavior. He arranged our meeting with the secretary, additional secretary, and joint secretary and never refused our request he told us that If he had power signed our scholarship paper right away. the secretary was a rigid and no-knowledge secretary. the additional secretary was educator Selim al—- he was a known bureaucrat and behaved like a big intellectual. Now his education level is lower than my friend and. Mahabub Talukder was at last able to pass the scholarship with the help of the joint secretary(he had the power), Talukder as a deputy secretary not. The ministry was full of corrupt people, not Mr. Talukder and all the clerks’ assistant secretaries knew it. I met with him at least 10 times in his cabinet, he was a gentleman and soft person and my friend told me that he is a writer and why he is a gentleman. We always took permission to enter the ministry by calling him from the gate and later found that if you give the police 3 takas, they will allow you to go inside without calling anybody. I left Bangladesh after resigning from a British Eng firm and at that time I had a 5 thousand taka salary(1981) and govt engineers used to get 750++350 taka for housing. God Bless Talukder.

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