GST Admission: Except Jagannath University, 19 University’s VCs will go for GST

GST Admission Update 2022

F the first time, 20 general, science, and technology universities completed the University Admission Process in the integrated system last year. However, due to mismanagement in the admission system and the suffering of students, doubts have arisen as to whether 20 universities will be going for the integrated system.

But, the vice-chancellors of 19 universities have agreed to stay in the integrated system as last year. The issue was discussed at a meeting of a group of vice-chancellors of 20 General, Science and Technology University at Jagannath University (JU) on Friday morning.

The meeting was organized to review the last year’s admission exam and this year’s admission.

Jagannath University’s VC Professor Dr. Imdadul Haque presided over the meeting regarding the upcoming admission. Whether there will be an integrated system, or whether the universities will conduct the admission tests separately, is discussed in the meeting.

However, 19 out of 20 universities have voted to take the admission test in the integrated system again. But, only Jagannath University has asked for time to take a decision in this regard.

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