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Madrasah Board News: Instructions to Hang Nameplates in All Madrasah

Madrasah Board News: Most of the Madrasa buildings in the country do not have any signboard (Nameplates) with names and addresses. On the other hand, there is also a lack of directional signs on the side of the road and in visible places which makes it difficult to know the location or visit Madrasah Institutes. That is why the Madrasah Education Board has been directed to put up signboards with names and addresses in these Madrasahs.

The directive was issued in a circular signed by KM Ruhul Amin, director-general of the Madrasa Education Board, on Tuesday (May 17, 2022).

The absence of nameplates makes it difficult to inspect Madrasah Institutes or locate them for official purposes, mentioned on the notice. Although the directional signs or signboards of all the educational institutions of primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels are in a visible place. But it is not seen in most of the Madrasah Institutes.

There are also government guidelines for setting up signboards with the names and addresses of educational institutions. That is why all the Kamil / Fazil / Alim / Dakhil / Ebtedayi Madrasah in the country have been directed to set up signboards with names and addresses at the main buildings and entrances.

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