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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode Written Update: Pallavi Decides To Change Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode Written Update: Pallavi Decides To Change Raghav. This show was first released on 15 February 2021. Now, it is the most popular tv show in India and Bangladeshi People love it too. However, here we are going to share the Written Update of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode Written Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode

Raghav is drinking in his room, Pallavi walks in, she sees Raghav is drunk, Raghav says you must have just sent a plan to send your husband jail. Pallavi says you are drunk, let talk tomorrow, Raghav grabs her and says we will talk now, what did you get from doing this, Pallavi says you are hurting me and pushes him, Raghav says what did you get with doing all this, will it help Abhishek financially.

Pallavi says the money that has their son’s death how will they use it, Raghav says all this is rubbish, I am giving so much for them, this is how Raghav works because in real life only money matters, Pallavi says for you only money matters and you will choose money over me, because we have different values, and you understand this.

Raghav says you can do all this because you never lost anyone because of money and were insulted because of money and so for me money matters.

I had everything but no money and because of money, I lost all that and so for the money I do all this. Pallavi says I am trying to understand your point, Raghav faints, Pallavi puts him on the bed.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21 September 2021 Episode Written Update

Pallavi next day waits for Jaya, Raghav sees Pallavi in anger, the guard tells Raghav someone is here for you, Laxmi walks in, Pallavi in shock, Laxmi walks to Raghav, everyone gathers, Sunny Whispers to Keerti says it’s the end of your brother, Laxmi says some Harish claimed Abhishek works for him.

Pallavi thinks why did Harish do that, Sunny says how is that possible, Laxmi says Sunny I know the truth and also the fact that everything can be bought and Raghav the game is still on and leaves. Farhad whispers to Raghav and both leave.

Mansi walks to Amruta, Amruta goes to have breakfast, Mansi says let me check if she is going to College of to see Farhad, Mansi sees phone is locked, Amruta says the phone is locked because I wanted to catch you red-handed, Mansi says I was doing all this to protect you.

Amruta says I can protect myself, Mansi says then you wouldn’t be pregnant, Amruta says enough, yes I made a mistake but I changed myself unlike you, after one break up you are behaving like your whole life has ended and just keep eating and sleeping, no goals or aims at all and for entertainment, you keep spoiling other’s life, you are a loser and useless first look at yourself and then blame me you loser and walks away.

Raghav asks Farhad how did all this happen, Farhad says I asked him too, to keep Laxmi away from you and don’t worry Harish is loyal I have paid him also Lawyer will get him bail as quickly as possible, and I am sorry I did this without your notice but I won’t let you go Jail, I know people don’t understand you, but I know you aren’t doing anything wrong and I hope Pallavi understand all this, and she isn’t wrong.

Pallavi walks in and says seriously you say he isn’t wrong, Farhad says to be in his shoes and you will understand, I stop him when he is wrong but today he is not, Pallavi says you are right, trying to understand his point and so I didn’t go to the police, those diamonds are still with me but Raghav I didn’t expect this from you.

The day when you realize your mistake, you will have lost everything, money earned from illegal deeds don’t stay long and I will change you and make that Raghav I thought he was and that Raghav whom people don’t raise fingers, Raghav says why should I change and not you, if I accept you as it is why can’t you, why are you behind all this, I am proud of what I have earned and won’t let it go even because of you and leaves. Pallavi says I will change you Raghav.

Raghav in his room checks all cupboards, Pallavi walks in and looks around and says looking for these diamonds, you want it because it’s proof that you are behind Abhishek’s death, Raghav takes pouch and says I don’t care, for me my family and business is important and I want these to save all this.

Pallavi says you are scared because you know what you do is wrong then why to continue and the family and business will only be hurt, and your family needs you, trip be international or local, house big or small, food lavish or local, all the expensive things don’t matter we just need happy time with you.

So please Raghav don’t run behind money forget all this and one day I will show you the true things and it’s not my stubbornness but it’s a test of my love, I will change you for good. Raghav says God couldn’t change me, how will you and the day I change will be my last and leaves.

Precap: Raghav asks Pallavi to change the saree, Pallavi says I won’t buy anything with your money, Raghav says don’t push me Pallavi, If I reach that level nothing can help us.

Update Credit to Tanaya

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