School College News: Educational Institutions Reopen today after a month

Educational Institutions Reopen today after a month

School College News Today: After one month, in-person teaching has started today in the educational institution. The school college has been reopened today as the situation in Covid-19 is deteriorating. A happy atmosphere has been created in the school and colleges in the presence of the students since Tuesday Morning.

Besides this, student attendance is also satisfactory. As per the report, about 80 percent of the students attended the class. However, the students were asked to attend class who received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

It has been learned from various schools in the Dhaka metropolis that students are attending in-person classes at the official scheduled time from the morning. On the first day of class, the teachers presented the textbooks as well as the official guidelines on hygiene among the students due to one month closed of Educational Institutions.

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