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Student Unique ID: 4 Instructions for the ID, Students need to know

Student Unique ID: Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to create a ‘Unique ID’ for all students up to class 12. All the basic and educational information of each student will contain on the ID. In the meantime, the Data Entry process has been started for Student Unique ID. The process will continue till February 16, 2022.

On Thursday, January 20, 2022, The Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics issued four-point guidelines on Unique ID data entry. The guidelines/instructions are listed below;

Instructions for Student Unique ID

  1. The process of filling up the information forms of the students who are studying in 6th class in 2022 will be stoped till further instructions.
  2. Data entry should be done according to the student’s class in the printed student information sheet. In other words, the students have to give data entry as the class mentioned in the form. All student information must be entered considering the year 2021.
  3. If the student’s father/mother/guardian has birth certificate, it must be given in 17 digits into the Student Unique ID. In other words, the year of birth must be given at the beginning of the 13 digit number.
  4. If the student’s BRN and date of birth are not displayed after the Data Entry, so other information will not be entered. As a result, the first page will not be saved.

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